Program Background
Precast Certification has a 51 Year History (1967 to 2018)

Precast Concrete Bureau (Established in 1967)

The Precast Concrete Bureau was created to answer customer’s concerns about precast quality and consistency. Certification was based on a plant process audit system that mirrored the PCI program being developed in the US at the same time.

Canada’s first precast standard was issued in 1971 (CSA-A251 - Qualification Code for the Manufacture of Architectural & Structural Precast Concrete).

CSA Standard A23.4 - Precast concrete - Materials and construction was first issued in 1978.

CSA-A251 remained as the standard for precast plant certification until it was withdrawn in 2007.

In 2007, the precast concrete industry introduced an updated audit based process certification program that is based on conformance on CSA A23.4 and related standards. This program has introduced common, measurable nationwide standards for precast certification. CPCI Certification is aimed to make certification designation a recognized requirement for all project specifications and for all precast operations.

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